Winners are grinners….

Last year excitations ran a promotion with a number of leading Mildura traders.

We offered as prizes, a number of photo sessions with a complimentary fine art styled print up too the value of $900 or there abouts. I can’t remember the exact amount. Doesn’t matter. Not all the winners took up our offer but one of those who did was the young and beautiful Amy. Lovely young lady and we had lots of fun in and around the excitations studio, while  creating a set of images for her. We even managed to fire off a few Medium Format Digital frames as well.  Most however where shot on Robyn’s 5D III. Many  pro shooters who shoot Canon are running with the new 5D III’s. For good reason too,  they  are pretty good rigs I have to say. Way better than the camera they replaced, the 5D II, which to be honest left a bit to be desired. Like focus!!!

Anyway enough camera talk. While shooting with Amy in  our studio, we went with a much smaller than usual softbox, which stepped our contrast up a little. You have always to be careful shooting portraits with too small a light source. Great technique for editorial shooters but not so much for portrait shooters creating privately commissioned portraits. Where the client is often the subject and they want to look good. We went with the smaller softbox because Amy has a smooth and very soft complexion which compensates for the harsher contrast. Best of both worlds short of thing. As always choosing a lighting technique appropriate to the job at hand, is the trick.

Close up studio portrait of beautiful young blonde woman. Photo by excitations portrait photographers Mildura.

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