A little bit of photographic history.

I got a note from a friend a couple of days ago. Pointing me to  a website with a bunch of photos on it. No biggy really except the website belongs to a legend in the world of reportage and documentary photography. The photographer is Steve McCurry. Even if his name means nothing to you. You will almost certainly have seen images created by McCurry.

Back in 2009 the very last roll of Kodachrome film rolled of the production line. Big deal I hear you say. Well actually Kodachrome was a really big deal. It was a film that pretty much lasted the entire life of colour film photography as we know it. Kodachrome was the standard by which all other colour transparency films where judged. Colour film of choice to all the best shooters and all the top magazines around the globe. It was fitting that the last roll be handed to a legend like Steve McCurry.

At the end of this paragraph, there is a link to the last roll of Kodachrome on Steve’s website. Before going to it please remember that a roll of 35mm Kodachrome had only 36 shots on it. And exposure had to be near spot on otherwise the results were bound for the garbage can. No fixing it later in Photoshop, this was the real deal get it right or you don’t get it at all. Steve McCurry, and the  last roll Kodachrome

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