A photographers internet persona.

Or the split personality of online photographers.

Over the Christmas New Year period I was driven to a couple of photographers web sites. I’ll be honest in telling you first up that I don’t spend much of my time viewing other online photo studio offerings. No real reason except lack of time. I should also tell you that both of the sites I’m talking about belong to above average photographers. Both Australian but neither local.

The first is in the same industry sector as us. As I said before he is a good shooter. His website makes a very strong point about only hiring what he terms “Full time professional photographers.” To do otherwise is fraught with danger. He openly bags part time operators for lacking skills and equipment. Is highly critical of these part timers who have no commitment to their clients, and are in his words just as likely to do a no show on the wedding day or worse still turn up and stuff up. Sadly some of his generalizations are true.

He then goes on to list all the impressive array of equipment that he uses on a day to day basis in producing his excellent quality work. Let’s just say his equipment list is highly impressive. Even to someone like me, who doesn’t like or tolerate second rate gear. Yep I know gear doesn’t guarantee good photography, but it sure does go a long way towards me and hopefully my clients peace of mind during that once in a lifetime shoot. I digress however. The key point about this guys excellent photography displayed online, and his compelling reasoning to hire only full time professional photographers is…..

I know what his day job is!!!! And it has nothing to do with photography or being a photographer. Yup…. our online proponent of only hiring full time photographers is himself a part timer. That doesn’t effect his photography, but does my view of his morality.

The second website again features good samples of photography, however like the first pushes a lot of  “book me now buttons” that maybe slightly misleading. Oh all right… really bloody misleading!  For example the term “supreme master photographer” appears a number of times. Never actually claims to hold the title of Supreme Master Photographer, which is good, cos he doesn’t. But for the unwary it would be really easy to believe he was either a Supreme Master Photographer or a Master Photographer.

It doesn’t end there though. We now see that this photographer shoots the “finest camera ever made” creating images of stunning clarity and quality that the rest of the photographic population only dreams of. Claiming to make enlargements up to 17 metres across without the slightest sign of grain or pixelization… Again a feat the rest of us mere mortals could only dream about. Again none of that is a lie. Just really misleading, cos here we are thinking he’s talking about photos of photographic resolution but in fact he’s referring to billboard style images. Which surprise, surprise are printed at a lot lower res.

Now I can’t blame this guy for making the most of the fact that he has invested heavily into having a Medium Format Digital capability. I mean, I’m not backward in coming forward when spruiking the many benefits of Medium Format Digital. It’s true Medium Format Digital is truly amazing, but maybe just a little restraint if marketing it would be nice.

Bottom line is the online persona of a photographer or any other online business for that matter may not be entirely true. Again buyer beware.

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