Engagement photos at Jimba

Melina and Larry have their engagement photos at Jimba

Cool spot for photography, we get to Jimba  two or three times a year. This time Melina and Larry decided not only to have their photo taken at Jimba, but also to have their party there as well. the image below of our engagement couple isn’t really what most people expect of an engagement shoot.  But it is a picture that was screaming to be taken. Simple shot really. Wide angle lens, low angle looking up at the building and that’s it really. No alchemy or nuttin.

Engagement photos at Jimba near Mildura. Low angle image of Melina and Larry with the two story white Jimba building in the background. Photo by excitations.

Engagement photos at Jimba, Using a wide apeture wide angle lens to achieve selective focus on small sections of the image.

So while we were shooting engagement photos a Jimba we (Ian) thought it would be cool to shoot some images with a wide angle lens using a selective focus technique. Only allowing small parts of the image is to be in focus is kinda the in thing overseas at the moment. I’m not going to tell you it’s new because it isn’t. Way back in the fifties when they where shooting Hollywood celebrities it was use most of the time. One because it looked good and two because the large format film cameras of the time… well that’s pretty much the only way they could shoot. Selective focus can be achieved a number of ways. Using a long or telephoto lens. Using a very fast lens with a wide aperture. Or using a camera which has a very large digital sensor or takes a large piece of film. Naturally you can use a combination of any of the above techniques. Yup I know you can also achieve a similar look in Photoshop, but why when it’s so easy in camera?

Engagement photos at Jimba using the long avenue of palm trees in the driveway. Photo by excitations, photographers Mildura.

We took a short stroll down the driveway at Jimba to create an interesting series of images with another different feel. Still sorta selective focus because only Melina and Larry are in focus but this time obtained using a long focal length lens instead of a  piece of fast glass as in the earlier shot. Luckily we had a couple who where comfortable in front of a camera and with each other. Try to remember always when you’re having a photo session. Get some safe shots and then get your photographer to try a few extra more interesting images.



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