Sheep yard portrait

Creating portraits in a sheep yard, isn’t an everyday occurrence for us.

And if we’re totally honest we didn’t do a lot in the yards on this occasion.  We were lucky enough to be invited out to Orange Grove Station. Which is a little south of Ivanhoe in NSW. The occasion was to create some location engagement portraits of a great couple Joanne and Marc. Who will be shortly exchanging wedding vows here in Mildura. However, for their engagement photo session we were really keen to capture them at home in their working and lifestyle environment.

Atmospheric photo of farmer working in sheep yard at sunset, surrounded by sheep and dust. Photo by excitations all rights reserved.

The image above isn’t one of their engagement portraits but taken soon after our official session ended. It was shearing time at Orange Grove. Sheep needed to be yarded for the shearers tomorrow. Dust rising and late afternoon sunshine. A winning combination most any time. But add the action of moving sheep through yards and some special images were set to happen.

Unfortunately, I have had a niggling shoulder injury for some months. This was the very moment the shoulder decided to call it quits. I couldn’t even get the camera up to my eye. Very, very, frustrating. So many picture opportunities missed. Did get a couple of shots off though, before packing up and heading home… Very grumpy.

Hopefully next time I end up in a sheep yard, Karma will be with me.

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