Reminder to portrait promotion winners.

Those lucky winners of the excitations photography session and art print up to the size of 60 x 90cm are reminded that the expiry date on there prize is 15th December. If you haven’t been in contact with Robyn to organize your photo session. Better jump to it.

While talking about the prize winners. A couple of people have  suggested that they are reluctant to collect their prize. Because they know they will be pressured into buying stuff they don’t want. Well let’s  just say. The prize is a full blown standard excitations photo session. That’s what you get. You are not getting a shortened version or any other version of the standard session. The print is any size up to 60 x 90cm. If you only want the free art print that’s fine by us. The print isn’t framed. We can frame it for you at standard framing rates or you can take it unframed….. Your choice.

If you don’t want a big print, you can have whatever size you want. If you opt for a smaller print you don’t get extra’s to make up for the reduced size. Again your choice. If you want to order more than one photo, you can if you want to. We will charge standard prices for any reorders. As for pressuring people into buying. We haven’t the time to mess around doing that. Especially during our busy season.

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