Sarah and Natale, Robinvale wedding.

Sarah and Natale’s Robinvale wedding from a few weeks ago.

Some weddings just sneak up on you. You know they’re coming up but they just arrive sooner than you expect. Sarah and Natale’s wasn’t one of those. It seemed to take forever to arrive. Don’t know why it felt like such a long time it just did. Anyway always knew it was going to be a great wedding. It didn’t disappoint. Two terrific families and a great group just makes for a good days shooting. Fantastic weather didn’t hurt either. Spring time around these here part isn’t always renown for great wedding weather.

Semi formal portrait of grrom seated next to a piano.

First port of call for the day was to Natale’s family home in Euston. Shot lots of stuff including accessories, cars, outside in the block, walking down the road etc. However , instead 0f posting a million pictures, I’ve settled on this one inside beside the piano. Great little area of amazing light, so I may have spent more time there than I should have.

Toned photo of bride and her maids at home before her Robinvalewedding.

Over to the girls and again we may have shot just a couple two many images. But here’s something I don’t think we’ve done before. The bride on the floor. I’m not even sure how we got to this position. Suspect it may have had something to do with light streaming through a window. But who knows. You have a room full of girls, a couple of video operators and a couple of photographers and you get a whole lot of crazy ideas buzzing around the room.

Wedding portrait of bride with her flower girl, soft and airy looking image shot against the light.

This one is one of the last taken before Sarah and her team made a dash for the door. This image was just one of those shots that had to happen. We saw the possibility for the shot.  Very loosely set it up by getting the girls together in roughly the right spot. Then just let the inter-reaction take their course. Photographing against strong window light, gives this image a lovely feel.

Young very cute little flower girl sitting in church reading the order of service.

During wedding ceremonies, the little kids often make for amazing subjects. Mostly I choose not to use the photos on this blog, but hey… there’s a first time for everything.

Bride and groom kissing in front of a Vioctorian Bitter sign.

So here’s another first. Sarah had a photo she wanted in front of a local Victoria Bitter sign. Now this isn’t the image she had in mind. But one thing leads to another, a bit of wind, a veil and a little bit of love in the air were the only ingredients needed. This was one of those times when we split the bridal party up. Bride, Groom, Best Couple ( a new term just invented) O-line video crew and of course us. While the rest of the bridal party where having a snack at a nearby cafe.

Happy smiling bride with groom in industrial looking location.

You know the old saying… “There’s two sides to every story.” Well just so happens there are two sides to a lot of signs. This is the reverse side of the VB sign. Another location and we only walked about three metres. Very simple posing idea too. You guys stand here. Have a little fun with each other while your photographer yells “look up Sarah…. more…. more, click. OK lets go eat.

High contrast image of groom sitting on front of very old vintage truck.

We don’t in anyway want you to get the idea that Natale spent most of the day sitting down. He just decided to take a short break while Sarah was being photographed. Sorry mate. Nobody gets time out that easy. The above image has been treated to one of Ian’s magic post processing treatments. Normally not used on wedding photos. Because… well it isn’t really flattering. But this time only he decided to use it to give the picture a bit of an edgy feel.

close up photo of bride and groom staring into each others eys, outdoor museum Robinvale, Victoria

Same location, just reversed camera angle and a bit of colour added, with our happy couple  do all the hard work and make some magic happen.

Unusual photo of bride and groom with wedding cars. Extreme wide angle black and white. Photo by excitations, mildura photographers.

Now here’s a car shot that might be a bit different for some of you. This isn’t exactly as I wanted it to be. But I reckon it was going to take another 15minutes to get it all to come together. As you would all know. Fifteen minutes is about 13 more than we’d allowed so we had to settle for this wedding car image. Kinda neat, I still like it. We’ll soon know whether Sarah and Natale approve.

bride and groom photograpohed cutting the ribon on entry to their wedding reception.

Let the party begin…..





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