The long road traveled.

Quick post while I wait for a production computer to finish a batch run.

Art photo of long tree lined road on a cold and wintery day, NSW Australia

Hope you all had a great long weekend or for those of you who couldn’t get Monday off, a good weekend and Melbourne cup day holiday. A long time ago we planed to take the 4 days off and head to the Grampians for a bit of R & R before we got too busy with Christmas madness. Didn’t happen though. Spent the four days locked down with a bunch of computers trying to get jobs into printers and album manufacturers before Christmas deadlines hit us. It only seems like yesterday when we last went through all this madness.

Children and family albums have been really popular this year. Which is great to see. They are just so time consuming when it comes to designing and finishing every single image that goes into an album. I won’t say we’ve broken the back of our backlog but we sure did give it a good nudge. Of course come Wednesday morning and we’re back into it. Phone ringing and more jobs to get done pronto.


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