Studio photos of children.

Studio photos of children is something we do a lot of, but for some reason rarely post to this blog.

studio of photos of children is something we do every day but this image is a little unusual as we ended up play ing a game with Ethan and his hat. The result a whole bunch of great little imaages like this one of a little boy playing with his hat.

Creating studio photos of children is something wed do at excitations on nearly a daily basis. Sometimes many times a day. There are lots of ways of of going about photographing kids in the studio. Mostly we opt for a casual approach, creating a  set and then letting the children pretty much get on with their lives. Naturally, Robyn is close handy to help keep them focused on the job in hand, but it is really important to let the kids have fun. The young man above is Ethan. A true delight to work with. Ethan started off not wanting to wear this hat provided by mummy. But soon realized taking the hat off  every time it was plonked onto his head…. could be a kinda neat game. So it was, hat goes on his head, and just as surely as the sun rising every morning…. the hat came off again. Simple little game really. However it made for a wonderful set of pictures of a very cheeky little boy.

We often have people say they would like to come out to the studio to see if they like the background we use. Well…. see the white background in this picture. This is exactly the same background that appears to be black in the photo of Peter Stizza here. Now this background isn’t our only backdrop by a long shot. It can however, be just about any colour you want it to be. Then there are the patterns of light and shad that we can project onto it. Guess what though… now of the colour changes are created in Photoshop. Everyone now days seems to think that everything a photographer can do is… somehow magically created in Photos Shop. A lot of stuff we do is just simply good old photo technique.

Getting back to studio photos of children. It’s certainly not the only way of photographing kids. Other techniques like shooting indoors with available light, or outdoors in nature are all tools in the modern photographers tool-chest. The more options your photographer has the better the chance you have of capturing those amazing times as your child grows.


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