Engagement photos don’t have to be boring.

Engagement photos from excitations, all styles, location or studio.

Engaement photo of young couple, The guy picking up his beau and holding her horizontally, stricking red dress. Photo by excitations

We could tell you we had lots of fun shooting some engagement photos of Carmille and Stevan but that would be a waste of time cos it’s obvious from the picture above.We did a whole bunch of different things during about a 90 minute shoot. Bit of a luxury to have so much time. We basically did two separate shoots. First at home. Some formal… well semi formal anyway images in the front entrance to the family home. Gorgeous light and a nice 3 dimensional background formed by a rendered concrete pillar. For those images we shot on our medium format digital camera.

Then off to the local park for some more informal images. We shot heaps of engagement photos. Some with green lawns, some with rustic backgrounds and the industrial looking location above. Which wasn’t an industrial location, but if you don’t tell we won’t.

Lifting shots are always a challenge because they require a number of elements to come together for them to work. Firstly you need a man who is physically strong enough, not only to perform the lift. He also has to have enough power left in reserve for the lift to look effortless. Then it helps a lot, if the lady has heaps of natural grace, so that she falls into a natural and attractive body position easily. The longer the girl messes around trying to find position, the more strained even the strongest guy becomes. No such issue here though, Camille was into position in an instant. Notice her perfectly extend left leg. Giving her a near perfect body line, showing off the shoes and note how the dress falls so wonderfully over Camille’s lower legs. the gown may have been designed just for this shot. Which by the way is one of the other problems of a lift shot. The gown has to work. Some just don’t. Doesn’t matter much how you do the lift the gown just looks…. well not right. Then again I suppose the gown designers don’t spend much time worrying about how the outfit will look if someone lifts the model into the air.

If you’re planning to have engagement photos take, we’d love to talk with you. Our wedding couple get a free engagement session thrown into their wedding package. Other times we just shoot the actual engagement session. We shoot really formal images as well as totally relaxed and informal session, plus a whole lotta stuff in between.


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