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One of the great pleasures of meeting and working with fellow creatives, is seeing the different approaches each has from others. Even working toward the same goal, they often take totally different paths and inevitably stamp their own personality on the finished product, whatever that maybe.

I’m probably telling secrets here but when I very first started shooting for a living. I came across a little girl. Regularly came across her in fact. She was about 7 years old and a member of a swimming club.  I was a stringer photographer, living off scraps of work thrown to me by newspaper and TV news outfits. When chasing fire engines and ambulances turned up nothing, like all starving photographers I had a few 90% backups. One was a swimming pool, where I quickly learned that pics of local competitive swimmers and divers would almost certainly sell. Hence the 90% title. Never a certainty but near enough to keep going back. Time goes on and we all move on.

Many years later, while shooting hair models for a competition, I once again came across the little girl from the pool. Except now she was all grown up and working as a hairdresser.  Fast forward a few more years and Leisha, a  talented hair stylist, has built a talented team of professionals around her at Casquade Body Essentials. You can find Leisha and the team from Casquade Body Essentials  at 166 Eighth Street Mildura. Can’t get there then give them a call on 03 5023 3768

We recently had the chance to work with Leisha again, while shooting some promo pics for the excitations portrait promotion. The winners of which will be announced later today on EasyMix Mildura.
I personally love the feeling of calm that exudes from Leisha. Seemingly nothing flusters her. You find yourself being enveloped into her world of calmness, if there is such a word. It was interesting also to see the models Leisha chose for our photoshoot.

Portrait of twins, adult women laying on studio floor in a symetrical pose. Hair and make up bvy Casquade Body Essentials Mildura, photography by excitations mildura.

Our models for this shoot were twins, Claire and Melanie. The ladies were an absolute buzz to work with. Remember the calm I mentioned earlier with Leisha? Well these two had it as well, combine that with the oneness that comes from working with twins. A delightful session, would be the best way to describe it. We shot a whole bunch of images. I wanted to play with some symmetry while shooting very similar looking ladies. One of those shots has been on our home page for the last month or so. This image is a result of Leisha wanting a lying down shot and me wanting some more symmetry images.



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