Pamela and Joseph’s Mildura Wedding

Pamela and Joseph, recently married in a fabulous Mildura Wedding.

I know we say it often. We had fun. Well it’s true. I guess if we didn’t enjoy photographing weddings and being part of a couples special day, then we’d get a real job. Pamela and Joseph’s wedding was one of those fun days. We started with a quick trip to Robinvale to photograph the boys before they  to Mildura for the day.

Groomsmen running and jumping in front of the camera for a fun image of the boys before they go to church. Photo by excitations at Robinvale.

While we were with the boys we shot a number of different locations and ideas, from casual, to candid through to formal. Then the shot above which was a result of some creative thinking on the groomsmen part. We shot some jumping shots and some running shots. This seems to be an amalgamation of both running and jumping.

Very close up selective focus image of bride looking down, featuring her eye makeup. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura wedding photographers

When we arrived at Pamela’s house, the first thing to caught our eye was  amazing natural light occurring in one of the bedrooms. We grabbed our medium format digital camera to create a few frames. MF Digital produces stunning images that can be enlarged to massive proportions. We captured lots of frames. We would have loved to shared more with you, but decided on this one featuring a technique called selective focus. The only portion of this frame in focus is the eye lashes and eye shadow of Pamela’s left eye. Lovely effect.

Arty styled wedding phot of a bride applying perfume in a mirror. Photo by excitations Mildura wedding Photographers.

Still in the same bedroom and still using MF Digital. Pamela had been applying some perfume for the video guys, when we spotted this kinda cool angle. Loved the  halo effect  forming around Pamela’s reflection. We didn’t create this in post production.  All natural. We just had to position ourselves and the camera carefully.

Selective focus image of bride and groom in a pub. Photographed through a metal beaded curtain. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.

After a ceremony at Sacred Heart Church Mildura. Pamela and Joseph’s first stop was at Evolution in Deakin Avenue. Very cool location. Giving the bridal party a chance to recharge their batteries, while we happily made some really interesting Mildura wedding images. The above image of our very patient couple seated in one of the lounges at Evolution. While we photographed through a beaded curtain. Selective focus again. This time to turn the beads  into sparkling little golden coloured balls. The constantly moving curtain is also casting  shadows onto Pamela and Joseph creating an interesting mood to the photo.

Portrait of bride and groom against a bright red background in a pub. Phot by excitations.

Warming things up a bit. Pamela and Joseph changed positions. Still inside of Evolutions but new background and  different light. This image shot with available light, supplemented by a  smidgeon of gold foil reflection, perfectly directed by Robyn.

Profile image of bride kissing groom in outdoor garden setting. Photo by excitations taken at Ampelon Gardens.

After our visit to Evolution we crossed back into NSW,  visiting  Ampelon Gardens. Gotta tell you Ampelon is a great spot to create wedding photos. Each time we visit, we try to get a couple of new and different looks. Here the low angle of the late afternoon light was doing all sorts of magical things. We were really taken by the way the sun light was rim lighting both Pamela and Joseph. Trying to get our lenses to flare out like in the above shot is a little harder. Good  lenses are designed not to flare. Which is great. That’s why we buy them  in the first place. They’re just not a lot of fun when you try to create lens flare deliberately.

And yes I know the pose in the above shots is almost identical. What can I say. Pamela has a great profile. Actually, she’s pretty dammed good from all angles, but we’re not telling her that right. Joseph didn’t seem to mind the kissing shot either, so it was a win win situation.

Bride and groom dancing on a smoke filled dance floor at Club Da Vinci in Mildura.

Off to Club Da Vinci for Pamela and Joseph’s reception. Where we were treated to  a display of fireworks, fog and all things exploding. Always a challenge to capture everything going on, while trying to stay out of the guests and the video crew’s way. We shot this  with multiple remote flashes set up around the room. Some straight,  some gelled out with different colours. Naturally shooting many  variations, but my personal favorite is the above image. I turned off all  flashes except for one blue gelled unit way off to camera left. I’m pretty sure this image won’t make the final cut. Because there are better frames,  showing more of the action. If it does, we may need to look at retouching out the black sticks, a remnant of the earlier pyrotechnics.



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