Gabrielle and Justin Mildura Wedding.

Gabrielle and Justin, great weather and fun people for their Mildura wedding.

I have to be honest here. This post was supposed to be up a long long time ago. I did all the work,  took everything on the road with me to Adelaide. Totally with good intentions of posting it after I finished shooting. Long story shortened, shoot went longer than expected, then my poor little brain filed it as a job done… Which of course it wasn’t.

So months later, here are a few pictures from Justin and Gabby’s wedding. Normally we post a couple of pics of the girls and boys getting ready then go from there. This time we’re starting after the ceremony. No reason, all the pictures before where really nice, just felt like a change.

Close up, light and airy portrait of bride and groom at Jimmba near Mildra. Photo by excitations wedding photography mildura.

This image was created out at Jimmba, I love the light and airy feel the ballroom has, and late in the afternoon the sunlight streaming through the windows creates all sorts of magic. Dropped a bit of saturation out of this shot to mute the colours down. also created some really bright and colourful images in this exact same location.

Looking down photo of bride and groom dancing in the large white ballroom of Jimba, a magnificent home on the banks of the Murray River near Mildura. Photo by excitations wedding photographers Mildura.

Still inside the ballroom at Jimba. One of the few places where it is easy to do looking down shots of couples dancing, or as in this case. Gabrielle and Justin, performing a little impromptu number for their wedding video.

Photograph taken looking down on standing bride with her arms spread out and twirling her bridal gown around. Wedding photograph by excitations Mildura photographers.

Ok, so now we are just messing around. I wanted to show off the amazing detail and texture in Gabrielle’s wedding gown. So we asked her to do a couple of twirls for us.

Close up toned photograph of bride and groom photographed on medium format digital with deliberate sun flare to inhance the feel of the image. Picture by exitations.

Stepped outside to capture this image of Gabrielle and Justin. Using a little flare from the setting sun and toning the final image. Kinda neat look. This was a hard one because the image looked really nice in colour as well. We originally took this photo using our medium format digital camera, which captures detail so fine and subtle  when compared with ordinary DSLR’s. But on this occasion we  then decided to get rid of most of that detail during post production. Strange world we photographers live in.

Bridal group walking up a slight incline in the gardens of Jimba on the banks of the Murray 'River near Mildura. Wedding photogaphy by excitations.

Changing it up a little we also photographed Gabrielle and Justin in the great outdoors. Finding locations with small inclines on which to photograph is always fun. Different angles on backgrounds become possible. Not a big deal if you live hilly country, but around Sunraysia, where our landscape is predominantly flat, it is a nice change to have some undulating landscape to work with. Not so much fun for our ladies in their high heeled shoes though.

All in all a great day, shooting with a terrific ground, in and around some fantastic locations.




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