Mai’s Accessories, shoes, boots, bags, jewellery plus plus plus….

One of the times the name says it all, Mai’s Accessories.

There isn’t a lot of little family run stores left in this world who specialize in a tiny segment of the market. Which is a real pity. Because sometimes you need people who know their product really, really well. Mai’s accessories is one such store. A little shop with a big range of stock. Now admittedly Gwen and the team don’t sell a lot of stuff that would interest me. But girls you should really drop in and have a look around sometime. Boots, shoes, sandals , scarves, belts, wallets, purses and jewellery. That I hope about covers it. Probably missed a few things but what can I say…. I do know that Mai’s accessories have huge amounts of stock, because I’ve been out the back. Blimey!!!!

Off course it’s not just about the stock levels. SERVICE. Remember that?  Some of you maybe too young to remember service but it’s a quaint old fashioned thing where the person in the shop actually helps you decide what you need or let you know  if there is something else that may suit you better. Strange I know, but it does still exist.

Me I’m showing my age here but I still kinda feel cheated, when I have to rummage around a store, looking for what I want,  with zero input from staff called shop assistants, who never assist. Then, after standing in line waiting to get to checkout, being met with a single command from the operator $79.99. I’m sure given a couple of days I could get a computer to interact with the public better and in a more sincere way. However I digress. This will not happen at Mai’s Accessories. Real people, who really care about the product you’re buying and you. Chances are after a couple of visits they may even start greeting you by  name….. Just imagine that.

Young girl dressed in colourful clothes with accessories from Mai's Accessories.

We had the beautiful Aleisha drop by the excitations barn style studio the other day. Complete with some of the younger accessories from Mai’s Accessories, 100A Langtree Ave, Mildura, 3500. We had a lot of fun, well I did. Can’t speak for Aleisha.

Young girl bright studio colours with Mai's Accessories from Mildura, photo in excitations barn style studio.

Lot of bright colours, and some crazy poses later. I gotta tell you I was tied just watching some of the poses that Robyn and Aleisha managed to come up with.. Mai’s Accessories can be contacted on 5023 4878 but better still drop in check out the gear they have on display and while there grab an excitations brochure with a fifty dollar voucher offer in it. Wouldn’t hurt to get your name down as well for photo session with excitations plus and art print, valued at up to $998. Mai’s are giving one away at the end of October.

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