Luggage International

Luggage International suppliers of fine luggage to Mildura.

I first came across Peter  Stizza, long before excitations was born. My first recollection of Peter  revolves around shooting a TV commercial and Peter had been roped into modeling some gear for the add. Half a dozen models walking around an artificial lake, when the art director on the job (Robyn, who was nothing more to me at the time than the AD) called out someone point at something. All six models including Peter pointed… all in different directions all at the same time… very funny piece of film.

Fast forward to now and we have Peter the owner of Luggage International, Shillidays Lane, Mildura,  3500  in our studio for a shoot. We wanted to show Peter with some of his product. Which by the way, he is passionate about. Loves quality and can point  you in the right direction when it comes to anything to do with Luggage. Regardless of whether your trip is a quick over-nighter to the big smoke or that once in a lifetime round the world extravaganza. Luggage International have the product for you. Baggage…. that’s what Luggage Internationals all about. I have to tell you even I was impressed with the variety and styles of some of the travel goods that Peter has in his store. If you can’t get into the shop, and really you should. Give Peter a call on  5021 1864.

Full length portrait of Peter Stizza of Luggage International Mildura. Photo by excitations.

Peter should be called Mr Luggage, because after 15 minutes in the studio with him, I swear I know all there is to know about the pieces pictured with him in this set up. I love people who have a passion for their product.

Close up studio portrait of Peter Stizz from Luggage Internation Mildura. Photo by excitations photographers Mildura.

So here’s the thing, while shooting with Peter we hardly stopped laughing, yet while we shot we concentrated on the more serious side of the man.

Drop into Luggage international, pick up an excitations brochure, get your name down for a chance at having a free excitations photo-session and getting a free classic art print from that photo shoot up to $998 worth for absolutely zip, nothing, totally free….

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