Etheringtons The Jewellers

Etheringtons the Jewellers, Mildura

Two words, The Jewellers. Is enough to tell anyone you’re serious about something or someone. You buy bling and trinkets to accessorize an outfit. You go to a Jewellery to make a purchase that will last. I’m not saying that you can’t grab accessories from a Jeweller but lets be honest. A jewellery store is the  place you go to buy lasting pieces. Future family heirlooms. Wedding Rings, Engagement Jewellery, and of course unique and lasting gifts for that special someone.

Expert advice, service and repairs to craftsman made fine goods of distinction. Friendly staff who know about precious stones, metals and minerals. Advise on how to care for them, value them. Even engrave that special message onto your purchase. Etheringtons the Jewellers, seems like they’ve been around for years. Maybe because they have. A part of Mildura ‘s history for generations. Try to imagine how many people wear a wedding ring from Etheringtons the Jewellers. Apply that to engagement rings, 21st gifts, or simple I love you jewellery.

If you haven’t been into Etheringtons The Jewellers,  65 Deakin Ave Mildura, or you haven’t been there for a while. Do yourself a favour. Drop in take a look around…. maybe even fall in love with that something special. While you’re there grab an excitations brochure, make sure it has a $50 discount voucher for a photo session in it…. See it was worth dropping in. If you’re feeling really lucky, don’t worry about the voucher, just make sure your name is in the running for a full blown excitations photography session including a classic art portrait print up to the size of 60 x 90cm.

Close up photo of Mildura debutante Demi wearing jewellery from Etheringtons the Jewellers, Mildura. Picture by excitations.

Demi chose to wear jewellery from Etheringtons the Jewellers with her debutante gown.

Demi photographed in excitations studio in front of an old piano, wearing jewellery from Etheringtons the Jewellers of Mildura.

Demi again in a semi rustic setting, illuminated by artificial window light. Some days mother nature doesn’t come to the party, so as photographers we have to lend a hand.

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