Deakin Designers Hair Studio Mildura.

Deakin Designers Hair Studio, location shoot.

Locations shoots are always a bit of fun. Always approached with nervous anticipation and always through up new challenges. this shoot at Deakin Designers Hair Studio was no different. Even though we know Maria really well, having worked with her many times before, there are so many unknowns. For example what does the hair style look like? How experienced is the model. What will I use for a background. The latter could be eliminated if we took a studio background… but if we did that we may as well have shot in the studio.

Anyhow we arrived at Deakin Designers Hair Studio, Maria, ever the professional, was just putting  finishing touches to our models hairstyle. We sussed out a background, which turned out to be an old strongroom door, back in the corner of  the salon. We chose the door for character and because it projected colour tones complimentary to our models makeup and hair style. I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible so selected on camera flash, removed it from the camera, placed it in a small softbox, grabbed a second flash unit and skipped it of the floor to add a little more dimension to the face.

Location studio styled hair portrait by excitations fo Deakin Designers Hair Studio Mildura.

Our Model, Ruby arrived on set looking great. Always a bonus when your model looks good. However we hadn’t worked with Ruby before so I decided to take it very easy with her. Simple setup. Kinda just stand there and look good is all I need… We’ll do the rest. As luck would have it, Ruby soon showed that she was a model and slowly we let her do her stuff. Some bouncing of ideas around the room and a gradual building of trust gave us a good set of images.

Outdoor hairstyle portrait of beautiful young woman for Deakin Designers Hair Studio.. Fashion portrait by excitations photographers Mildura.

Now it’s one thing to photograph hair in the confines of a studio, but totally another to take the style outside into nature. Must be a total nightmare for hair stylists. Poor Maria, I felt sorry for her, trying to keep her beautiful creation in shape while we did our best to mess it up. Costume changes, wind, changing humidity you name it you’ll have to contend with it. Of course the other side is, we didn’t want salon perfect styling outdoors. We wanted a style that lived.

We’re lucky here in Mildura there is a community of creative, passionate people who love to be innovative, and push the limits of their craft, always striving to better themselves and to create services comparable to those available in major cities. Maria and her talented team at Deakin Designers Hair Studio, 73 Deakin Ave Mildura, are such people. Got an idea, want to tale to Maria about your hair styling needs, Then just jump on the phone and give then a call, 5023 1752 or you could drop into 73 Deakin Ave, have a chat, take a look at what they do and make sure you put yourself in with a chance to win a full photo session with excitations plus a classic art portrait valued at up to $998.




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