Visible Effects

Visible Effects, Day Spa, beauty therapy and a whole lot more.

It is great to have Visible effects on board with the excitations classic art portrait promotion. When it comes to creating beauty style portraits. A photographers fate is in the hands of his/her makeup artist and stylist. Frankly if they get it wrong… we have a long uphill battle ahead of us.¬† Happily for us, the team at Visible Effects never ever leave us hanging out there with no place to go. So professional, creative and just plain darn good at what they do.

And what do they do? I gotta tell you there’s a whole bunch of stuff from makeup, tanning, massage, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, cosmetic tattooing and of course they have¬† Visible Effects Mineral Makeup… So good for your skin. I notice they have other services as well, some of which I have no idea what they are.. nor I might add, any inclination to find out.

Model Jenny in a before makeup and styling for Visible Effects Mildura.

Our Model for this shoot for visible Effects, was the lovely Jenny. Who as you can see, is a very attractive young lady even without makeup and styling.

Close up of beautiful young woman made up with  Visible Effects Mineral Makeup, photo by excitations Mildura Photographers.

A short time later, Jenny again after having the Visible Effects treatment. This image is a crop from a much wider shot. A lot of the very fine detail from the original is lost in this tiny web sized file. Suffice to say the makeup and particularly Jenny’s eye makeup is just stunning.

Drop in and see the team at Visible Effects and make sure you pick up a excitations brochure along with the fifty dollar portrait voucher. Don’t forget to enter your name for the Classic Art Print Promotion valued at up to $998, before 31 October 2012.

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