Sensord, Mildura fashion house.

Sensord is part of excitations Art Portrait Print and photo session promotion.

If any of you guys haven’t dropped into  80 Langtree Ave., Mildura and checked out the fashion they have there. What are you waiting for? Sensord have ladies wear in sizes from 6-18. A few of the popular brands featured include. Face Off, Junk, Never Say Never, Misu and Wakee. But not only that they have jewellery and accessories right there in store… So you can do the whole outfit in one stop. No more trying to imagine what jewellery will go with this outfit. Cos its right there in front of you. Nice.

Boys, you don’t miss out either, Sensord have street wear including shorts and Tee’s. but here’s the one we’re all interested in. The ever popular Caps, and they Sensord sell em for only $25.

Black and white fashion image of beautiful young model, dressed by Sensord Mildura and photographed by excitations.

But as photographers the most important thing about fashion is the WOW factor. I have to be honest, I struggle to imagine what clothing will look like when someone just holds it up. I have to see it on a real live person.  On this shoot our live human was  Ruby. A young lady who to be honest probably has no idea just how good she is in front of a camera. I hope to get to shoot with this Ruby  again some time. in the meantime suffice to say Sensord + Ruby = WOW

Drop into Sensord and check out their range of clothing and get yourself into a chance to win an excitations photo session and a classic art print up to the value of $998. If you can’t make it to the store you might like to give the team at Sensord a call on 5022 0966





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