Retro Hair

Retro Hair, Mildura hairstylist changing our perceptions of hair.

When we started shooting this series of images it was always going to be different. Pat Padula our Retro Stylist for the shoot, loves pushing boundaries. So it wasn’t really any surprise to us, that he asked for some slightly offbeat locations and was more interested in the look than the hair. Hair stylists, like photographers all have their own personalities, their own ways of doing things and bring their own set of skills. Talented hair stylists, like Pat from Retro Hair, have  vision, can advise you on styles and looks that will suit you. They know about facial shape, skin toning,  cutting and shaping to make you look your absolute best.

If you haven’t been to see Pat and the team at Retro Hair, then maybe it is time for you to talk with stylists with vision and understanding of your lifestyle and hairdressing needs. Retro Hair is situated at  18/146 Eight Street, Mildura, 3500. Ph 5022 7484. While there you should pick up an excitations brochure and the fifty dollar voucher therein. Also make sure you enter for your chance to win a full on excitations photo session plus a classic art portrait print up to the value of $998. But be quick this promotion finishes on the 31st October 2012 at close of business.

Trendy outdoor hair fashion image for Retro Hair Mildura. Photo by excitations mildura photographer

For this image we needed Georgia to get a “Bit of Attitude” which I think you’ll agree she nailed. We shot this on one of our backup cameras, a little Canon 5D III which is the perfect backup camera if you shoot Canon. Popped a tiny little bit of remotely control flash behind Georgia just to get a tad of separation between her and the car.

Outdor casual portriat of beautiful young woman for Retro Hair, Mildura, photo by excitations

Pat spotted this location, and Georgia was a really good sport and climbed through a fence to get to it. We of course followed as we’ll go almost anywhere if it means getting a picture. Not exactly sure what Pat saw in the location, but for me it was the kinda neat way,  stains on the old wall harmonized with Georgia’s hair.


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