Q Central ladies wear Mildura.

Q Central, specializing in day and evening wear for ladies in Mildura.

One look at me and you’ll instantly recognize that I don’t spend a lot of time in any fashion store. Certainly never in a fashion shop catering for ladies. I love shooting people in all shorts of fashion. Simply love it. Just not into spending hours looking at clothes hanging on racks. Funny thing is being an inquisitive short of photographer… is there any other kind?  I regularly hear from our clients that they got their special outfit from Q Central in Mildura.

I guess the reason for this is that they have great labels, including Veronica Maine, Seduce, Katherine and Very Very, plus a whole lot more. Then of course there are Nude shoes to die for, supplied in lots  of colours and styles. Jewellery, Handbags and heaps of facinators for race wear. Call in and see the girls at Q Central, 75A Langtree Ave., Mildura, 3500. Or give them a call Ph 5023 6026.  With Spring racing season on us it certainly is a great time to check out  the amazing range at  Q Central.

Spring Racing Fashions photographed in the Wentworth goal for Q Central Mildura. Photo by excitations

Robyn was dead set on creating some unusual contrasts for this Q Central race wear fashion series. So off we went to the Wentworth  Gaol. Couldn’t get a bigger contrast than that surely. A big thanks to the team out at the Wentworth Gaol for letting us use their facility… and for letting us out again when we finished. Our Beautiful model for this series was Amy. Who tried to tell me that she didn’t like having her photo taken. Got news for you girl, the camera likes you, and you where terrific. As well as dressing Amy including shoes and accessories, Q Central also did the makeup and supplied Amy’s stunning tan. One stop shopping really.

Spring race wear photographed in excitations garden studio for Q Central Mildura.

After gaining early release from the Wenty Gaol, we headed back to excitations garden studio to add a bit of a Spring fashions on the field look. This image didn’t make the final cut, but another from the garden series did. You’ll need to pop into Q Central to check that one out. While you’re there you should pick up an excitations brochure with the included $50 discount voucher and also make sure your name goes in for a chance to win an excitations portrait session including a classic art portrait print up to the value of $998.  Do it right now!!!



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