Mildura Bridal Boutique

Getting married or in the bridal party, just 3 words for you. Mildura Bridal Boutique.

Ah now here’s some fashion stuff that I do know a bit about. Having seen two or three wedding dresses over the years. I can tell you that it really is important to have a dress that works for you. If it looks good in a magazine, it may not look good on you. Why? Because we are all different. Shape, height and colouring to name a few but also comfort. Not just the physical comfort or otherwise but how the gown feels. More importantly how you feel. Many, many moons ago I photographed a bride whose dress was, shall we say…. nearly see through. She loved it, looked stunning and had everybody talking. Most brides wouldn’t feel comfortable being that out there. The dress was perfect for that bride.

Your dress has to be perfect for you. You really do need to be helped through the process by people like Kayleen and the team at Mildura Bridal Boutique. Find your dress, fall in love with it and then WEAR it on your wedding day. I don’t mean just put it on… but wearing it like you are a beautiful princess. Oh hang on you will be a beautiful princess if you go to Mildura Bridal boutique. Off course, it’s not just wedding dresses they have. Brides maids, flower girls debutantes and mother of the bride, are also catered for. Naturally, they also have those much needed accessories.¬† Drop into Mildura Bridal Boutique, 108A Langtree Ave., Mildura, 3500. or if you need to jump on the Phone 5023 2733.

Cute photo of little girl with some flowers. Image created by excitations for Mildura Bridal Boutique

I understand this was to be a shot of a beautiful young flower girl dress in a pretty dress and looking all cute. Seems there may have be a dispute about the creative direction of our shoot, so like all good models, Indiana put her foot down and made some¬† executive decisions. No flower girl dress. And that’s my final word. Finally she consented to having some flowers in the shot.

Young girl sitting in excitations studio garden having her photos taken for Mildura Bridal Boutique.

Off course the other way to a hungry model’s heart is having the right snacks on hand. From this photo it looks like mum might have made the right choice. Drop into Mildura Bridal Boutique and Check out Indiana’s photo, grab an excitations brochure for your photo session discount and make sure your name is in the running for the excitations photo session and free art portrait print valued at up to $998.


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