$11,976.00 Portrait promotion…

Yep take a look at that headline again, excitations are running a portrait promotion with $11,976.00 worth of prizes.

This isn’t one of those scam promotion often run by photographers. You know the one. Enter to win a portrait, nobody wins the major prize but everyone who enters wins a consolation prize of a free sitting. Then are put under  pressure to buy. This will not happen with this amazing portrait  promotion, cos that not the excitations way.

This excitations portrait promotion is being run in partnership with with 12 of your favorite Mildura traders. Each of the participating stores will have one winner, who will receive a full excitations portrait session plus a single excitations art print  any size up to 60 x 90cm (BIG).  Valued at up to $998.00 from each store. So all you have to do to win is go to one of the participating traders,  make sure you fill out an entry form ( and put it in the box in that store) You can enter at more than one store and you can enter more than once.
Now for the fine print. Relatives and staff at the stores cannot enter. The prize is for a full excitations photo session plus art print up to 60 x 90cm in size. No cash or exchange of prize is available. Framing isn’t included in the prize, if you want to frame your art print, excitations can organize that for you at an extra charge, or you can have your art print framed elsewhere. Additional prints from the portrait session are available at standard prices. The prize is for a single art print.  Please note art prints do not include composites of a number of images. Art prints are a single image. Lastly, you don’t have to get a big print, however there is no rebate or refund for that part of the prize not used… THINK BIG PEOPLE.
Beeautiful blonde model photographed in high key by excitations, Mildura photographers.
Above is the beautiful Georgia, modeling a carefree, lifestyle hair style by the amazing Pat from Retro Hair. Who by the way are one of the 12 stores so drop in and check out the big print of Georgia in store and while you’re there talk to one of the Retro Hair team about what they could do for you. Georgia was a great sport and put up with us dragging out to all those different locations. In this shot she is posing over the bonnet of an old Holden Ute. On a personal note Georgia, you’ll be relieved to know that the owner of said car doesn’t want any of the surplus blue flaking paint, that may have accidently gotten onto you top…. back. He said think of it as a donation!
Something else I forgot to tell you guys. When in any of the 12 stores, pick up one of the excitations brochures, even if you have to ask for one. Because there is a voucher inside for $50 off an excitations portrait session. Must be used before December 15th. Again if you’ve been thinking about an excitations family, child or baby portrait, now is the time.
Participating stores in totally random order…
VISIBLE EFFECTS  ( Who I believe are adding some extra goodness to their in store prize)
 Promotional material will start appearing in stores Thursday 4th October 2012.
Competition ends last trading 31st October 2012

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