Monthly, who’s pinching pictures audit.

Each month we do an audit to see who’s pinching pictures from our websites.

Mostly we check the stock sites. Simply because they are the ones most likely to have interested to sticky fingered little picture pinchers. However copyright theft, is something that is likely to be with us forever. Interestingly each month we see a pattern forming. The type of images that are stolen and the people stealing them.

One of the fun things about doing the check is the reaction from the infringer when they are first served. Some are totally apologetic and can’t get a cheque in the mail quick enough. Others claim that they didn’t know there was such a thing as image copyright. My favorite, admittedly small group, are the ones that immediately go on the offensive. Even going as far as to threaten legal action against us. Cool guys… you pinch the picture then you want to take legal action against us!!! That one really works… I go running an hide under a rock immediately… or NOT.

I find it interesting that with all the internet savvy people out their. They have no idea of the trail they leave when they decide to pinch a picture. Nor do they seem to get just how easy it is to track and deal with copyright theft. Or how much a pain in the butt it is for them. Much cheaper to pay the license fee.

A couple of the pictures that have been recently knocked off below. The one of a beautiful young, fit lady running on a beach, is regularly pinched, but is also audited monthly. The copyright violators in this case are almost always dodgy little  fitness sites. Promising that if you sign up with them you’ll look like this…. Yeah right.

Young female athlete running along the beach front at St Kilda, stock photo copyright excitations-stock.coom

If you really do want to look like this then I suggest the girl to see is here.

Another stock photo getting a lot of attention at the moment is the low level aerial image of a grape harvester at work seen below. This shot has a different user group. Most often larger organizations who pay web designers to do their web sites. I bet the designers get a please explain after the company is served. As one bloke put it. $45 to license that picture is silly. It would be cheaper for us to go out and take the photo ourselves… Hmmmm, let me see! Helicopter hire $500, 4 hours of pre-planing and organizing the harvester into the right location at the right time plus a couple of hours post production, filing and uploading to stock sites… Then there was the $1200 repair bill for one of our lenses which didn’t like the chopper ride.  Yeah, he’s right, $45 is pretty dear!

Low level aerial stock photo of grape harvester working in vineyard. Image copyright





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  1. Thankyou for the mention Ian!
    i actually ran into Robyn today, so lovely to see her and will have to arrange a catch up very soon!! and possibly a photoshoot 🙂
    hope you are well, I still follow your amazing photographs

    Bianca xx

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