India and Madison, Mildura Debutantes

Couple more recent Mildura Debutantes

I have to be totally honest here, this blog post featuring two of our Mildura debutantes has been sitting around on my desktop half written for about three weeks. So sorry about that, just way to much stuff happening around the studio to get time to finish this post off.


Informal studio portrait of Mildura Debutante, Madison, photographed on white background by Excitations, Mildura photographers.

Madison, photographed against a white seamless in excitations barn studio. maybe not your traditional deb photo, but a nice relaxed image. Love the hands on hips and slight lean backwards. The photographers instruction manual on how to photograph debs doesn’t have this pose listed… Guaranteed!

Really nice sometimes to just play around and let your model relax. Other times it’s just better to run with a more structured photo session. Really important that the photographer works with their subject to get a result that suits both.

I guess we’re really lucky in that we don’t shoot masses of Mildura Debutantes. The ones we get to work with however are fantastic, and want to contribute to getting that little extra out of their photo session. Both Madison above and India below, were dreams to work with. Especially when we let them just play around against the plain white background.

Black and white photo of Mildura debutantes against a white seamless background in the studios of excitations, Mildura photographers.

For this image of India, we’re using the very same piece of white seamless as in the shot of Madison, this time however we dulled it down a bit and projected some shadows onto it. This was the first frame of our session with India. Love India’s  attitude to life, and new right from the first frame we were going to have fun.

A little heads up here for readers of this blog. I’m playing with a couple of ideas for a really interesting big production deb shoot next year. Session will cost the same as a normal excitations deb shoot but will be unlike anything we’ve done before. Or anyone else has done around these here parts. I can guarantee you that this shoot will be unlike any other. For us to pull it off, we will need six debs and their partners, all from the same ball. All prepared to be part of a once only deb shoot. So if you’re planning your deb or have a friend who is, please keep us in mind for next year. Again the debs need to be from the same ball, there need to be six of them and they need to be prepared to have a great time at their shoot and get unique photos.



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