PS Melbourne Centenary video.

If like me you couldn’t get to the Paddle Boat Festival at Mildura over the weekend. You should check out the video posted to YouTube by O-Line video. goes for about 13 minutes and is a must see for all those people out there who savourĀ  our history and especially the history of our early river trade here in Australia. Couple of familiar faces there as well. Captain Frank Tucker, like many of the Captains at the event has spent the best part of his life around river boats on the Murray River. first came across Frank at a little town upstream called Nyah. Then later as the education officer at the Swan Hill Pioneer settlement. The other face you might spot is yours truly as I sail past in the SS About to Sink.
Yep I missed the main event but had a bit of a crack at shooting the boats on Saturday in appalling light. Such is life.

To view the O-Line Video PS Melbourne Centenary Video click here.

Black and White photo of PS Adelaide steaming upstream on the Murray River near Mildura. Dull gloomy day.
146 years old and still looking good, PS Adelaide steaming up stream from the Abbotsford Bridge

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