Debutantes, beautiful debutantes.

Couple more fabulous debutantes.. we’re just so lucky.

Love photographing debutantes. Regardless of whether we’re on location, as was the case with our session with the beautiful Jennifer below. Or in our Barn Studio.

Full length of debutante on locationat her home. Photo by excitations Mildura photographers.

We had a plethora of brilliant locations to play with during Jenifer’s debutante photo session. I chose this image not for the location, but for its simplicity.  Just love the casual relax manner and attitude that Jennifer adobted during this part of our photography session.

Full length seated photograph of debutante in excitations barn style studio near Mildura.

An hour later and we’re in excitations Barn Studio with the lovely Demi. Same camera, same lighting equipment. (Little fib there, same gear but a second set, cos the other set was still in the car from our earlier shoot with Jennifer.) This time we decided to go a bit rustic and make the lighting more directional to accentuate the flow of Demi’s gown, created when Demi spiced up a somewhat classic pose with a little of her own flair. Shot a whole bunch of stuff around the studio.

I should thank the people behind the scenes for this day. We had a big day of shooting, and to fit our two lovely deb’s in we had to have a clean up team, picking up gear an relocating it to new locations, as well as making sure the studio was ready when we needed it. Sometimes if you could see the effort people put in to help us get as much done in as short time a time as possible you would be amazed.

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