Studio Closed 2 Weeks from 17th to 31st August

Heading says it all really.

We’re heading North for a couple of weeks. Some shooting, some sourcing new products and a couple of days off. Even if the days off will consist mainly of a weekend, that for us translates into a major holiday. If you knew how long it has been since we last had a full weekend off…. well,  you’d know that it is a big deal for us. Honestly we maybe get one or at most two weekends a year where we’re not working at all. Most of our weekends off,  comprise of working a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday, and sneaking in some free time where we can. Lately free time has been getting more and more rare.

We will be checking our emails but not phone messages. Be aware though that we will not have anyone working at the studio. Which means, any request that requires us to be at the studio or access material at the studio will need to wait until 1st September.

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