Mildura Debutantes

Had the pleasure of photographing a few Mildura Debutantes over the past couple of weeks.

It’s been a busy few weeks here at excitations and during that time we’ve photographed a few Mildura Debutantes. Lovely bunch of girls each and everyone. They’ve been a total pleasure to photograph. So for the first set of girls to be posted. Taken way back just after Noah finished building his ark. But hey! Better late than never right!

Close up glamour portrait of Mildura Debutante by excitations.

First of our Mildura debutantes this year was Kobe. Who , I’m glad to say, has one of those faces that the camera just loves. Shot a whole series of gorgeous images of Kobe around the Grand Hotel in Mildura. A big thanks to the kind people at the Grand for allowing us to shoot there. This image wasn’t my personal favorite, however, my preferred shot wouldn’t have reproduced very well at low res on this blog. Such is life.

Full length glamour glow photo of Mildurta debutantes by excitations.

And the beautiful Lauren with her partner Joey.  Again shot at the Grand Hotel, this time softened, with  some tone modification in post production giving the old world look. One of the great things about only shooting with a small number of debutantes is that you get to play a bit. Which means each and every debutante gets photos that are more individual and reflect a little of the debutantes personality. I’m so glad we no longer shoot entire groups of debs in the same location all looking the same as each other.

Full length photo of Mildura Debutantes by

Our last stunning debutante in this set, Hannah. We wanted to shoot something a little less formal while still retaining Hannah’s natural elegance and grace. In this shot, all we needed, was move to a pose with hands on hips. Add a remote, radio controlled strobe light with VAL,  to pop a bit of warmth and sparkle into Hannah’s face.  That’s it plain simple and elegant. We had a great time shooting with these girls and their partners and families. We also have to thank our work experience helper on the day, the wonderful and tenacious, Caitlin.



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