Steve Parish has gear stolen.

Sad to hear this morning that well know Australian nature photographer Steve Parish has had his camera gear stolen. Steve has been around photography¬† for many years. Creating millions of postcards and calenders of Australia’s natural wonders. During the Brisbane floods a couple years back, Steve lost his publishing business due to flooding. Now just for an extra kick in the guts, some¬† dick has smashed the window of his car and helped themselves to around 200k of specialist camera kit. The gear wasn’t insured. Much of the gear stolen was old, specialist type kit that is no longer available, or hand made for specialist shooting. Steve will not be able to replace much of this stuff, cos you just can’t get the bits and pieces anymore.

So if you hear of anyone trying to flog cheap camera kit that looks like its a bit specialist. Give the South Australian Police a call. Making a living at photography is hard enough these days without being without your shooting kit.

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