Shoot and burn wedding photography

Shoot and burn wedding photography, what is it?

For many couples wedding photography these days is simply a matter of getting someone to turn up to their wedding with a camera. Shoot  a few snaps and then Burn them to disc. Hence the term “Shoot and Burn”.  Like all forms of wedding photography there are different levels of shoot and burn services. Some photographers just take photos and burn the lot to disc. Others, edit the selection down to a few hundred of the best ones. Some even spend time and retouch the files before presenting them to the bride and groom. And of course there are the get rich quick guys that tell you they do everything but in fact just give you the  files straight from the camera.

Excitations doesn’t provide a shoot and burn service. Not because there is anything wrong with the shoot and burn model. We simply cater for couples who want a full service wedding coverage. The old fashion way. Plan, what our couples would like. Shoot the wedding, retouch and profile the images and present the selected files in custom designed and built albums. Using only the finest materials available.  Does our way cost more?  Yes and no. Many times it is actually less expensive to have us do the entire job from start to finish than it is to pay a photographer to shoot your pictures and for you to then try and organize  printing and album design and manufacture.

If you really want a shoot and burn service, that’s fine. We’re not going to try and convince you otherwise. We wish you all the very best with the planing of your wedding and hope that you get great photos that you are happy with and that will continue to bring back great memories of your special day for the rest of your life. If you are looking for a shoot and burn service, most of the good photographers listing in the yellow pages for Mildura provide such a service, just not Excitations.

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