Quick teaser from Pamela and Joesph’s wedding

Real quick post this PM. And a reminder that our studio is closed this week as we’re in Melbourne. Robyn’s out searching for new props and backgrounds. Ian… well he’s stuck behind a computer trying to keep up with the image file processing that’s coming through. Yeah I know travel to Melbourne and then set up office in a motel room and keep on working. We tell him to get a life but doesn’t seem to sink in.

Anyway, we have one shot from last Saturday’s wedding to post so here it is. Haven’t even had time to look through the shoot yet. But this one caught our fancy while we were downloading and backing up all the wedding shoot.

Glamor portrait of bride by excitations wedding photographers Mildura.

Very classical looking shot created with available light and a medium format digital camera. Which means because of the medium format not only will the image look good right up to monster sizes, but it will have much more colour and detail than would ever be possible on normal DSLR Cameras. Not that you could ever tell from this postage stamp sized web ready image.


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