Things what makes me smile.

Like you guys, we get more than our fair share of cold calls from tele-marketer’s. Today I received one from a woman trying to sell us Search Engine Optimization or SEO. She starts by telling me that when you searches for excitations photography in Merbein, she can’t fine our website at all. How can you expect to get business from a website that doesn’t even appear  when you search for photographer Merbein. Excitations only appears in Mildura… so that site must be one of your opposition. After explaining to her that we don’t market to Merbien and that most of our photography clients are from Mildura, Robinvale, Renmark and Broken Hill. She decideds to try a different tack.

She says ok I’ve just searched for advertising photographers in Mildura you site doesn’t come up still. I tell her that we don’t do Advertising photography, in Mildura or any place else. She says but you could if you hire us to run your website we could get you all the advertising photography in Mildura. So again I tell her that the reason we don’t do advertising photography in Mildura is because we aren’t advertising photographers. Getting nowhere fast she decides that we should then promote commercial photography in Mildura…. Sorry honey same story…..

Then she gets to this blog. Says, oh yes there are some nice pictures there. Is that you and your wife with the dogs….. Ahhhh NO.  Oh and the pictures of your daughters with their horses…. Lovely. OK… so now I’m getting a bit bored with this… Hit me with your best shot. She tells me she wants to redesign our website and write this blog for us. Even though your pictures are quite nice, we’ll use stock pictures of proper models and promote other types of photography such as fashion, advertising wedding and commercial photography so that you’ll get all the big money jobs in a 20 kilometre radius of you studio.

Way cool really. We’re portrait photographers who photograph real people and you want to use models on our website and promote photography styles that we don’t do…. Thanks for you kind offer but NO!

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