Real estate photography, Mildura.

Real Estate Photography, or taking pictures of my house so I can sell it.

Funny, real estate photography is one of those areas of photography that hasn’t until recently been very popular. Now of course it has been discovered and everyone is into it.  There is a bit of an art to it and it isn’t always as easy as it looks. And to be honest, real estate photography isn’t, and has never been a big deal here at excitations. For years we have photographed a few houses for a small handful of clients.  We’ve never advertised the fact that we do real estate photography. For good reason too. While we quite enjoy doing something a bit different from portrait and people photography from time to time.  Real estate photography like everything other form of photography, to do it properly you have to spend time. Time that we often don’t have.

Luckily, there are lots of other photographers shooting houses. Some doing the job really well…… Others… just doing the job. We have a fixed charge of $200 to photograph a house, prepare both print ready files and web ready files. Naturally we also correct perspective, and retouch where needed to make the property look as good as it can, without creating misleading images. We spend about 4-6 hours on every job by the time it is finished and delivered. Occasionally a property needs a second visit due to weather or access issues. We don’t charge for that but should. People wanting less expensive alternatives should hit the phones. I’m told the current best price is $75 cash. Again if you haggle you’ll most likely be able to get a better deal than that. As with most things you get what you pay for. Just saying if you want it cheap, you can get it cheap.

The real reason I mention real estate photography, isn’t to drum up more work. But to sort of slide into telling you about a real estate shoot we did earlier this year. Pretty straight forward job for an existing good client. She had a house, just completed and wanted a series of photos of it. Not  a for sale shoot. Just photograph my place, cos I want some pictures and the builder would like some, as would the guy who did the floors and the pool guy. So off we went and shot a really nice house. Interestingly designed, clever features and it goes without saying well executed. Delivered the finished files as usual, promptly moved on to another job. All to soon the shoot and the house faded from our memories.

That is until the other day. A message on our answering machine from builder, Greg Barila reminded us of our photo session.. Greg called to thank us for the beautiful pictures we created for  his winning entry in  the regional building awards. It was really good to get a call like that. Because mostly we do a job and move on. Never knowing whether the project was a success or not. In this case it clearly was so, congratulations Greg and everyone else who spent many hours dreaming up concepts and designs and of course implementing all those ideas.

Interior of house built by Greg Barila of Mildura. Award winning house.

I was taken by the design of this home and use of different elements. Especially liked the way the outdoor living area almost comes right on into the house. Great use of contrasting materials, with polished concrete floor, stained timber and sliding aluminium  and glass doors. Interesting and well thought out design ideas always make for good interior photos.

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