Great new photo location at excitations.

New outdoor photo location right near our barn styled studio.

The great part of having a growing studio garden. Most weeks a new photo location will appear. Some you see coming months in advance. Others just jump up and bite you when you’re not looking. Such was the case while we were photographing Aidan.

Outdoor photo location, next to a great big tree with light colored trunk, perfect apot for a portrait session with a young boy.

We’ve been photographing a few kids near a patch of lavender in our studio driveway. Lavender being a good height for small children to interact with. The soothing aroma of the lavender doesn’t hurt our cause either. But the real reason for working near the lavender is the beautiful way light plays over the neatly formed bushes. Making for one very nice out of focus background. However on this photo session with Aidan,  we tried changing things up a bit by changing camera angles. Instead of making the row of lemon scented gum trees our background. We convinced Aidan he should explore around the base of one of the trees.

We got a whole series of delightful little portraits here in our brand new photo location. Aidan’s great little outfit certainly helped pull the whole setting together. Now I can tell you we won’t be using this angle all that much. Because to be totally honest you have to be of a certain stature for this one to work. But when the light is right and we have the perfect subject. You can bet that we’ll head up the driveway to  this new photo location.

Lots of our clients like to have their children photographed in our studio. But for those who are prepared to venture out into the great outdoor playground of the excitations outdoor studio. the rewards are often worth the little extra effort. If you’d like to have your child photographed by excitations. Give our stylist, Robyn a call on 5025 3368 and have a chat. She’s just mad about creating great picture opportunities for young children.


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