Nicole and Bronson

Mildura wedding for Nicole and Bronson.

Low angle casual photo of groom with one of his groomsmen before Mildura wedding.

Bronson and Nicole’s wedding was always going to be a motor cycle and car kinda day. So it was only fitting that we got some shots in early with so bikes. Tried lots of angles, high  and low, in focus bikes and out of focus bikes as in this shot.

Bride photographed under very warm/yellow light in bedroom before wedding.Second location for the day and we have a room full of very warm almost yellow light. There are lots of ways of approaching this sort of lighting. Firstly I love warm light but mostly I filter it back a bit so we get a slightly more natural look. For this shot of the gorgeous Nicole. I went the other way and added more warmth to the camera settings to really get that warm yellow glow.

Close up windo light portrait of bride on bed.As much as I love shooting warm. It’s just not the done thing to shoot everything in one style. Or in this case one colour. To tone things down a bit but still keep the natural light look, I stuck a great big studio flash outside, encased in a soft box. Turned up to full power and blasted through the bedroom window. Allowing the curtains to act as diffusers and then encouraging  the light to bounce all over the place. Off wall and ceilings to give a still warm but pretty natural window light look. Why go to all that trouble. Well let’s just say there wasn’t a whole lotta light finding its way into this room. So shooting available light was kinda  out of the question.Father walking his daughter down the aisle of the church. Digitally toned image with textured borders added in opost production. Photo by Mildura wedding photographers excitations.I love the dad walking his daughter down the aisle type shots. Often we get great shots showing real emotion. Joy, nerves, laughing and crying are some of the moments you can capture if you’re ready. We to0ned this image of Nicole and her dad during post production. Love the simplicity of monochromatic images. somehow getting rid of the colour and distractions that often brings allows our viewers to focus on the real picture.

Mildura wedding photographs in The Office, bar and coffee shop Mildura CBD

After church Nicole and Bronson headed down to The Office for a bit of a snack, before heading out to shoot wedding photos. We took advantage of the stop, to create a few informal portraits. Thanks the the team at The Office for allowing this opportunity to shoot in their fabulous facility.

Black and white portrait of bride and groom looking at camera while leaning on a bar, half length. Mildura wedding photography by excitations.

Still in The Office, this time a simple available light portrait of Nicole and Bronson. Like to tell you we spent like forever, setting this shot up. However, Nicole was already waiting at the bar, so we called Bronson over. Over he comes, walks straight up and pretty much nails this pose in about a millisecond. Click….. Then he asks, “What do you want?’  Our answer…. ‘Nothing rally, cos it’s done.”

Candid wedding photo of bride and groom holding hands and looking down at the brides wedding ring. Photo by excitations Mildura.

In the 30 years that Robyn and I have been shooting weddings together. Robyn has only missed 3 weddings. Two on one weekend a few years back because she was a guest of the surgical ward at the local hospital. And the 3rd, Nicole and Bronson’s wedding, because she was feeling unwell. Now when I say unwell. I don’t mean, “Oh, I don’t think I’ll go today because I’m getting a cold”. kinda unwell. I’m talking the I can’t even stand up kinda crook.

We discussed trying to get a second shooter in at short notice. There were a couple available but I decided that I would be far more comfortable shooting alone. Without the worry of having someone else to keep an eye on. After all,  I have been shooting weddings for over 40 years now, so I should be about ready to go solo. Turns out, a good friend heard I was shooting a wedding and Robyn wasn’t there. So without being asked, Stephanie Bozzi just turns up at the church and says “do ya need a hand?” Without hesitation, I handed her a second camera and told her to go for it.

Stephanie, you see,  had done about 12 months worth of training with us a few years back. Knows her way around image processing and better still has a good understanding of how we shoot. Added to that she just happens to be a Canon shooter as well. The image above of Nicole and Bronson, checking out wedding rings is one of Stephanie’s images. A beautiful candid moment, captured during a very busy day.

Low angle wedding photograph of bride and groom enjoying each others company during their wedding photo shoot.

Pretty much the same location as the previous image, just shot from a different angle with some long fast glass.

Very happy bride lifting her dress ready to do a carter shot. Candid image of a bride having fun.

What’s the old saying? Something about the journey being important not the destination. Really does apply to photography. This happy shot of Nicole was taken during our short journey from semi formal images to the garter shot. Which by the way ended up being really cute. But I just love this shot of Nicole, having fun. After all that’s what your wedding is supposed to be…. FUN.

Are you planning a Mildura wedding?  If you are, just a quick reminder that excitations specialize in shooting and creating custom designed wedding albums, using only the best materials. We don’t provide a “Shoot and Burn Service” Lots of photographers do, so you won’t have any trouble finding someone to shoot your wedding and give you a disk of all your wedding photos on the night. We choose to be the odd ones out and still only shoot designer wedding coverages.





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