Location portraits of children.

Location portraits of children always heaps of fun!

Spent a couple of fantastic hours recently shooting some family portraits in a great location. It’s always a heap of fun working with kids on location, trying to guide them without being bossy. But inevitable doing just exactly what they wanted anyway. Location portraits give us an opportunity to explore not only a new location. But more importantly  different ideas. The image below of the wonderful young Klancy, was a joint brain child of Klancy’s mum, Katrina and Robyn.

Location portraits of a little girl dressed in pink and standing in a doorway of an old building, back to camera and holding a bunch of flowers. Photo by excitations

Hey while I think of it… Evie you haven’t missed out. Your photo will be on our new website going live next week.. Fingers crossed.

Normally when we’re photographing with children, we use really fast focusing and handling cameras. Because … well if you’ve ever tried to take a photograph of a young child at play or in exploring mode, I don’t need to explain why fast equipment is so important. However for this shot and a few others in this location I chose to use a medium format digital camera. Which I gotta tell you. Whatever they say in the adds about how they handle just like a smaller DSLR… Don’t believe it. Try and picture if you will, a red double-decker  London bus racing against a formula 1 race car. That’s about the difference in handling  between a medium format digital camera and a modern DSLR. But when it comes to awesome quality… it’s MF all the way.  Of course here on the web all that goodness is chucked away. It’s not until you start making big beautiful prints that you can really see the difference. So why did we go MF with these girls… they’re photographer friendly that’s why. Bet we had a big sleep on the drive home girls.

Location portraits allow us a chance to tell a story. To be honest even here at excitations studio complex. A lot of our work with children  could easily be described as location portraits. Often the outdoor and sometimes even the indoor studio spaces are set up to be more of an adventure space that photographs well, rather than being a photography space. The story telling part comes when kids discover something new or different. Kids like cats are curious.
They become involved, and when they’re involved little windows into their world open. Our job as photographers is to start telling those stories as they unfold before us.

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