So you want to save money and buy camera gear online!

Seems everyone does. I decided that there was a piece of gear I needed and as it is no longer manufactured I hit ebay to see what I could find. Photographically that is everything. Well everything except what I was looking for. That however is another story.

You see the thing that really stood out to me was the number of items that where selling above there true value. For instance last night I watched the end of an auction for a couple of camera cases. I happen to know the new value because I’ve just bought the exact same model. To my surprise they both went for more than new price. And yes they may have been in great condition but one sold for $70 more than you can by it new for. Another piece of gear auctioned as faulty, to the sellers credit he described the fault in detail. It finally sold at a low price, but if you add the cost of repairs (and I do know about cost of repairs) it will cost more than new price to get it going.

Then there is the stuff from Hong Kong. Nothing wrong with that. But why on earth would you buy something from overseas when the exact same thing sells for $65 less here in Australia. Complete with an Aussie guarantee.

Sometimes I think we take our search for bargains a little bit to far. My dad use to tell me, to always know the value of something before you start bidding and always have a pull out price. Seems like good advice still.

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