Finally all the old furniture has been moved in…. now to rearrange it all.

We’ve been a bit busy around here lately. One of the things most neglected has been this website. You may have noticed a few changes. More to come. But… hey… Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We’ve been promising a new site for a long while. This isn’t it. The other new site has been put on the back burner. It was fantastic, looked great worked beautifully, and ticked all the boxes for us. However, and it is a big HOWEVER, a lot of our clients are on dodgy internet connections. No fault of theirs. They’ve just got to use what’s provide. Well after a lot of soul searching we decided we couldn’t run with a site that just didn’t work for a good percentage of our clients. So here is version two. Not as slick, and doesn’t have the same WOW factor. But works for a whole lot more people.

This new site works on mobile devices, most if not all. And has the blog built into it rather than running off the backend of our stock portal site, . The biggest disadvantage of running off TNL was that a lot of wireless hotspots blocked the site. Can’t have any porn sites on our network. And obviously any site with the word naked in its name must be porn.

Anyway now we can start getting this place in order. So hopefully it will a resource for people wanting to hire photography services.

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