Excitations stock photography blog gets a facelift.

Excitations stock photography blog… A forced facelift.

As if we weren’t busy enough lately. Excitations stock photography blog had a small issue with a corrupted data base. Rather than waste time trying to fix it. We’ve started a new stock blog. Now I know you guys couldn’t care less about stock photography. But just in case you have nothing better to do, and want to take a squiz. You’ll find the blog right here. We’re just starting to populate it with some older stories first. But will be updating it on a more regular basis. From now on, instead of posting the odd random stock picture. New material will be theme based. Very short stories if you like about something we’ve photographed for our stock photography business.

Portrait of Australian balloon pilot, Kiff Saunders flying a ballon over Lake Eyre, south Australia. (Ian Mckenzie/excitations stock)

One of the first stories on the new stock photography blog, tells of flying across Lake Eyre in a hot air balloon. The portrait above is from that series. Pilot and adventurer, Kiff Saunders, back in the air for the first time after a near fatal road accident. Months of rehab, a positive attitude and a desire to make the first flight and epic adventure. TV cameras rolling, 4000ft above the lowest point of Australia. Watching the amazingĀ  Lake Eyre drifting gently past.

Clicking on this image, just as clicking on any image on the excitations stock photography blog, takes you straight to the picture in excitations stock archive. Where it can be licensed for a variety of electronic or print media usage, 24/7. Better still the high res file can be downloaded immediately for use. Gotta love modern technology. the only gripe I have with this system is the quality of the imbedded images in the blog. Not as good as the original. We can use Flash, for the links and get a much better looking image into the blog. However, and it is a big however, the images are then not visible to uses of i-phone and i-pad’s. Hopefully we’ll get around that soon. Image quality of the original remains high regardless of the embedding method. Its just the pics in the blog that look a little off.



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