Tianne and Jason, Autumn wedding in Mildura.

Autumn wedding in Mildura, probably our favorite time of year to shoot.

Pretty much love getting invited to any wedding anywhere, however if we have to have a favorite time of year to shoot weddings here in Mildura, then Autumn it would be. Its hard to put into words but not only is the weather more mellow. But somehow people seem to more chilled out , if there’s such a term. Nights with a slight chill about them. Followed somewhat predictable perfect days. Wedding photography bliss.

Tianne and Jason chose such a day. Simply perfect, start to finish. As was the wedding. We caught up with the girls getting ready at Hotel Mildura. An older style building with some amazing locations. We played. Shooting in  corridors and an outside laneway. Then off to Ampelon Gardens for the ceremony, which again was magnificent. I never tire of shooting a wedding in Mildura at  Ampelon Gardens. Although becoming increasingly popular, Ampelon has enough variety of settings to always allow us to mix things up a bit. Then after the photos the team headed back to Hill Corner Receptions in Merbein for what I’m told was a great fun night.

wedding in Mildura, a fashion image of a yong and very beautiful bride.

You have to feel sorry for my cameras…. I put them through hell and back. This time I had a very specific look I wanted to achieve. My camera had other ideas, so with the over exposure compensation dial as hard to the right as it would go we got there. The only light for this fashion style photo is that coming though the stain glass window behind Tianne. Rest of the room is bright yellow so all the little photons floating around are…. you guessed it Yellow. Killed  a few extra pixels during post production on this one just to get a slightly more surreal quality to the light.

Modern rendition of a brides bouquet by excitations wedding photographers Mildura.Most weddings we attend we try to show case some of the accessories. Gets to be a bit of a challenge coming up with different ways of shooting stuff that hasn’t been done by every man and his dog.  I’d love to tell you this shot is my idea. However I’d be telling porkies. Robyn and Tianne where working on a full length pose in a confined passage way. Tianne  holding her bouquet against the wall in preparation for a full length shot and I thought…. Ah huh…. might be a shot in this…. Click. Shot with a very shallow depth of field. Another reason to have a big chunk of glass attached to the front of my camera.

Close up of happy smiling bride. Wedding photos by excitations.

While outside the Motel Mildura we shot a whole series of wedding pictures of Tianne and the girls playing around with her veil. Really nice set of images, but unless I’m mistaken I might have had something similar quite recently. So decided instead to show you this rather charming little portrait of Tianne just before we jumped into the cars and headed to the ceremony.

Wedding in Mildura, flower girrl running.Little kids very much do their own thing at weddings. Which doesn’t mean they’re not predictable. Saw this photo coming a mile off. Dead easy shot, asked Tianne and Jason to get down to her level. Then keep her in focus as she runs as fast as her tiny little legs will carry her. Did I say easy and keep her in focus. Lucky that Canon’s 1 series cameras hold focus once you lock on. Bit like a guided missile really…… Confirmed we have focus lock!

close up photo of groom looking toward his new bride. Shot in a candid style even though  the shot was set up.

Casual close up of Jason, photographed in Ampelon Gardens at Gol Gol. Photographed in a candid style, although we sort of set up the inter-reaction between Jason and his bride. Again very shallow DOF (depth of field), which means that only Jason is in focus. In reality, only Jason’s eyes are really crispy sharp. Everything else nicely blurred. Oh, in case you’ve picked up that I mostly use closeups on this blog. The reason is simple. Tiny little blog sized photos of full lengths and groups look pretty ordinary. We shoot them for the albums and main coverage but most times choose not to use them here.

Bride and groom half length embracing on the lawns of Ampelon Gardens.

I know that this isn’t the favorite shot as far as Tianne is concerned. She likes it but loves a similar image created seconds earlier. Her fav is a wider angle version of this. However, I’m somewhat of a capture the moment kind of shooter and I just love the look and facial expression of this shot. Again at Ampelon, and again (surprise)  more shallow DOF producing a wonderful mottled background.

Antigue styled bridal portrait, half length at Hill Corner receptions.

Pretty much the end our photo session. Hill Corner Receptions is the location. Pressures off all of us. Jobs done so to speak, time to chill. this was our last official bit of photography. There’s a seat, a kinda cool wall ornament and a happy, contented newly married couple. We shot about 15 variations of this , full length, half and close in about 2 minutes. This is my favorite. Not because it’s a stunningly creative image. But because in the words of iconic American photographer Jay Maisel, photography is about gesture, expression and timing. This picture is special to me for the subtle little pieces of body language. The lean, angle of Tiannes head and expression of both says a lot about them being together.






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