Signicant birthdays for a couple of our former team members.

Interesting that we have two former team members having a significant birthday on the same day. While  I guess every birthday is significant in its own way there are a few that are milestones in our lives

Glamour style studio portrait of former excitations team member Lyn.

First , based on seniority….. Now that’s going to earn me a few extra browny points you reckon… Seniority!  The dynamic lyn Bozzi. Many of you will remember Lyn who was the public face of excitations  a few years back now. Lyn pretty much run the studio and kept all the rest of us in line. I seem to recall there where about 7 of us working in the studio during Lyn’s time. So much energy, so organised just like a mini tornado sweeping through the place on a daily basis. She had the happy knack of knowing who needed what and when. There is a s saying in our game,  you can’t sell photos if you don’t really see the value in them. Lyn could see the value and was emotionally connected to most every image our studio produced during her time with us.

Ultimately, she left to nurture and grow a family. Six great kids later and she is still like a bloody tornado. I can’t tell you which significant birthday Lyn celebrated on Sunday, except to say it was a big number and marks’s Lyn’s half century on this planet. Fabulous lady, we are proud to know her.

Close up candid style glamour portrait of former excitations team member, Bianca.

Our second party girl, Bianca, somewhat younger in years but also celebrating one of those birthdays you really count. Again I’m not going to spill the beans on her age, except to say this one is often accompanied by a bloody great big wooden key. Bianca, unlike Lyn, may not be know to many of you. She is one of the most placid and pleasant young women you’re likely to every meet. Bee, spent most of her time with us, hidden away from public view, diligently performing her own form of pixel magic on excitations photos. Truth be told, I had a bit of trouble finding a shot of Bianca to post. Oh we have lots of them, most times she was in front of the camera, she was stand in for a lighting check, or out in the middle of  a 1000 hectare paddock wind blown and trying to hold a reflector in a gail. There was this  one shot that nearly made it. Featured said young lady standing in front of a chocolate shop with the biggest grin. However, considering her new career as a personal trainer, that may not have been a great choice.

Looking at the photo above, I’m just wondering why, did we not have this girl in front of a camera way more. Such is life, we sometimes fail to appreciate the obvious talent right in front of us.


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