Rose gardens, Renmark

Had the great pleasure of photographing Monica and Gary’s wedding on Saturday. I’ll post a couple of pics from the wedding at a later time. But just had to tell you about the fabulous location they had for their  Riverland wedding. Ruston’s Roses, first time I visited the place back  around 1983 I reckon. I was there as a cameraman on a small regional TV doco. We shot and interview with David Ruston and a bit of overlay stuff of the roses.

Well I have to tell you a few things have changed since then. Gardens are still there, with thousands of roses of course. However, now they have a great little gift shop, museum and serve meals. Really didn’t have time to check things properly. From what I saw, I’ll be sure to call in there on my next trip through Renmark. Here’s a link to Ruston’s Roses

If you’re planning a wedding in the Riverland area, then I highly recommend Ruston’s Rose as a photographic location. oh and please invite us along. We have so many more shots we’d like to do in the gardens.

Rose "Flamingo"  tied to weather worn board. (Ian Mckenzie/Excitations)


Now this rose didn’t come from Ruston’s Roses. Instead out of the excitations studio garden. Photographers we are, rose growers not. but I like to have a picture with every post and it obviously had to be a rose so there you are. One pink rose all tied down so that it couldn’t get away.


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