Rebecca and Paul, choose Mildura for their wedding.

Here’s a wedding that was supposed to be posted ages ago. But we get busy and  we,  (I) forgot. So to make up for that instead of words, I’ll give you more pictures than usual  of this great wedding. Rebecca and Paul are native to our northern neighbour city of Broken Hill. Great relaxed day, with a group of people that it was just good to be around. Fantastic pictures were always going to happen. Good locations, including the amazing Ampelon Gardens in Gol Gol and a cruise on the Mundoo for a wedding reception. What else can any wedding photographer ask for.

Full length fashion portrait of bride in  hall way before wedding.
Here’s a quick fashionish portrait of Rebecca in the hall way of her apartment. Available light with just a touch of off camera radio controlled flash on a VAL with a a large softbox.
3/4 length fashion portrait of bride in an antique look. Photographed by excitations Mildura, all rights reserved.
This is and indoor portrait of Rebecca using the outdoors as a background. I was intrigued by the strips of horizontal timber screening the car park. Had to climb onto a table or something to get the angle to work, but hey it was worth it. Again off camera flash with VAL and softbox.
Arty portrait of young flower girl at a wedding. Wedding pictures by excitations, Mildura.
We don’t often include young flower girls in wedding coverages on this blog. But who could resist this image. Loved this image in colour, love it even more in this antique look. Kinda crazy framing but that’s me. Besides, from memory we may have been having one of those moments that beautiful young flower girls occasionally have. Every moment is a photography opportunity if you just let it develop. What am I saying… sometimes it’s better not to say “look at the camera and smile.”
Wedding photo of smiling groom looking over brides shoulder. Wedding photo by excitations Mildura
Hey look, there’s Paul for the first time. Weddings aren’t all about the girls…..
Casual black and white wedding photo n of a happy groom. Photo by excitations Mildura.
And again, nice relaxed black and white portrait of Paul on the expansive lawns at Ampelon Gardens.
Blue toned black and white image of bride talking to groom in a garden setting. Wedding photography in Mildura by excitations.
Out into the sun shine for Paul and Rebecca, a bit of backlight and a dash of blue tone and another great shot in the bag.
Black and white semi formal head and shoulders portrait of bride and groom in Ampelon Gardens, Gol Gol. Wedding photography by excitations.
Same location as above, a bit of a kicker light added and this one in black and white.
Black and white wedding photo of group walking towards camera. Angled for added drama, picture by excitations, Mildura.
Quick location change, now we’re at Lock 11, more backlighting and a very happy and co-operative group.
Modern lens flare style wedding portrait of bride and groom. Mildura wedding photography by excitations.
Rebecca liked the idea of introducing lens flare into some of her pictures. There are two basic ways of doing this. One you c can shoot normally and then use Photoshop. The second way is deliberately induce lens flare into the camera lens. I prefer the latter style, maybe because I’m a traditionalist, or maybe it’s because I don’t really feel comfortable faking something that is easy to do in camera. Except if you use really good glass like we do…..getting a lens  to flare out is harder than you would expect.
Wide aperture casual portrait of smiling groom with sunset in background. Image photographed with wide aperture to induce large amounts of out of focus background.
Super casual portrait of Paul leaning on the rail of the Mundoo with a little bit of setting sun in the background.We used a super fast wide angle lens for this shot. Wanting to soften the image down to isolate Paul from the background while still working at close quarters.
Photo of smiling bride with a rainbow in the background. Photographed crusing on the Murray River near Mildura on the Mundoo boat. Photo by excitations.
Pretty much wanted to do a similar thing with Rebecca but by now it has started to rain. Oh looky, a rainbow. Great light on Rebecca, kinda makes the risk of getting our beautiful bride wet , worth it. Luckily this group where super easy going so photo opps where easy to make the most of.




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