Nikon D2x amazing camera.

Don’t talk a lot about equipment here. That’s because we’re photographers and use cameras. Not hobbyists who own cameras in a way not dissimilar to the way car or bike enthusiast’s owns a bike or car. Mostly for hobbyist they are not their daily ride. Our cameras are. One piece of kit that should have been sold off years ago, but I keep hanging onto is the Nikon D2x. An old outdated piece of goodness. If you are a keen photographer and want a really robust studio camera, that produces stunning results,Then I suggest you look around for one of these built like a tank old models. If you are a low light type shooter then this frankly isn’t the camera for you. You should be looking at a D3 or D3s both stellar performers in the dark. They will of course cost you a lot more than a Nikon D2x so be prepared for that.

Many of you would know that we shoot Canon for most of our DSLR work, and Mamiya Leaf for our MF digital. The Nikon is a backup unit that we had to buy a few years back. Never regretted it one bit. Ours is mostly used for shooting flowers for stock, some of which can be seen here. If you do visit that link be sure to click on the little thumbnails to expand the galleries.

Rarely these days does the Nikon D2x see any real action. On the odd occasion that it is brought into action, because I need one of its unique features. I fall in love with it all over. Recently shooting in excitations studio, I needed a couple of close ups better suited to the D2x and 60mm Micro Nikor, so out it came again. then it stayed for a while. So glad it did, Shot the lovely little pic of Liv below. Loses a bit of its impact being so small on a web page, but believe me, this photo sings as a large art style  print.

Black and white studio portrait take at excitations barn studio near Mildura, using a Nikon D2x


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