Murray Darling Junction, low altitude aerial photos.

Murray Darling Junction, a slightly different view than normal.

We don’t normally show stock images here on this blog. But rules are made to be broken. so below is our latest shot of the Murray Darling Junction.

Low altitude aerial photo of the Murray Darling junction at Wentworth in far western NSW. Photo by excitations stock, all rights reserved.

I’ve always been fascinated by the difference in water colour between the Murray and DarlingĀ  rivers. Best place in the world to really see that difference, is right at the Murray Darling Junction at Wentworth. Of course the fact that both rivers are running at high levels with significant flow rates could only help by stirring up sediment which gives them their unique colours. I didn’t want the usual picture of the Murray Darling Junction, but something a bit different. I wanted this picture to be about the confluence of two rivers. The mixing, moulding together of two bodies of water into one. Viewed directly from above, I had no idea just how interesting that blending could be. Patterns created by the milky waters of the Darling as it merges with the darker Murray water, are not only fascinating to watch but are ever changing. I’m sure if you could view the rivers from above all day, the patterns of swirls created by the merging currents would never repeat.

Getting a camera into position, was always going to be a challenge. I’ve been waiting for a number of years to create this single shot. My plan had been to shoot the image from a helicopter, however there is never a chopper around when you need one. Last week a friend offered my a ride in a hot air balloon over the Murray Darling Junction. It took me all of a millisecond to say YES! Flying late afternoon, so that late light would light up the trees on the narrow spit of land separating the Murray and Darling rivers. I made the decision to shoot medium format digital. I wanted to make the most of this photo opportunity. Medium format digital with its higher bit rate and resolution, meant that I was able to get the best quality pictures possible of the Murray Darling Junction.

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