Monica and Gary, Renmark.

Great to be back in the Riverland to shoot a wedding.

It’s no secret, I love getting to new places to shoot weddings. We only go to the Riverland of South Australia one or two times a year, each time we are lucky to be given new locations to shoot. When Monica and Gary invited us to photograph their wedding in the famous Ruston’s Renmark Rose Gardens, now called Ruston’s Roses, we were over the moon.

Turned out to be a fantastic wedding too. We shot entirely within the gardens for the whole shoot. No traveling around. Just photography. Turns out it was a great decision, as while the light was beautiful and overcast, it fadedĀ  quickly. From wow this is such cool light to be shooting a wedding in, to… bloody hell it’s getting really dark, in just a few short minutes.

Bride with dad walking through Ruston's Roses garden before her wedding.Monica and dad heading through the gardens on their way to the ceremony. Robyn really nailed this shot. Pays to have a second camera working sometimes because while one is doing the safe must have shot. The other can be deployed to go for the hero images.

Bridal toast in garden setting. photo in the Riverland by excitations wedding photographers.Again this slightly arranged shot was shot from two angles. The safe angle on this occasion turned out to be the one I preferred. It’ll be interesting to see which version Monica and Gary like.

Close up portrait of happy bride by excitations.Moving in close for some close ups. I love close up shots. Helped along by the fact that Monica and Gary were really into sharing the moment. Bit of a hint their for all wedding couples. If while you’re having your wedding photos taken, you take time to really enjoy each others company. Your photos will be better. No other way to put it. Get into your photo session and you will be rewarded with better wedding photography.

Happy groom with his new bride. Photographed in black and white in a garden setting.See that little bunch of leaves above Gary’s head. I spent a fair bit of time framing this shot to include those leaves. Well about 15 seconds all up. But when you’re photographing a wedding that’s an eternity. Why bother? Well to me the totally out of focus background, while nice, didn’t really say garden wedding, so I just wanted a little piece of garden in the shot to place us inĀ  a garden. Again left the posing to Gary and Monica, because they had that totally under control.

Garden wedding portrait of Monica and Gary in Ruston's Rose Gardens in Renmark.So our fantastic light had gone from wow to yukky…. In all of 60 seconds, Now I can put up with low light, as long as the quality of light is still good. Right now for this shot, it seriously wasn’t good. So a little hot shoe flash bounced off a VAL mounted reflector and we’re back in business.

Csndle light wedding portrait of Monica and Gary taken at Ruston's Roses, Remark by excitations wedding photographers of Mildura.Last frame of the day for us, literally. Saw this angle, had heard that Monica was right into candle light and wanted to do something just a bit different. Would have liked to have spent an hour setting this up. Instead devoted about 30 seconds to the shot. Da guests were already streaming through da doors you see. No time to play, just get the shot and get outta da way, so the party could begin.





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