Different photography styles for different people.

Everyone has different tastes that’s why we have different photo styles…

We hear it all the time. I love this photo, hate that photo. Very next person through the door has exactly the opposite view. Nobody’s right or wrong. We just have different tastes. In food, cloths, cars, the list goes on. Photo styles are many and varied. We as photographers have a way of seeing each subject we look at. I would approach photographing a wedding differently to most other photographers. That’s the excitations way. You like it or you don’t.

Problems arise  for you as buyers of photography. When photographers, lacking experience, copy the style and or the approach of another photographer. You see, the problem is photographers who copy, will usually copy more than one photographer. Resulting in a confusing array of photo styles. Many fail to actually understand what they’re copying. It’s easy to copy a photography  technique but almost impossible to copy a photographers eye. So when you choose a photographer, you should be looking at their work. Importantly, looking at a variety of shoots they have done. Try to get a feel for how they see things. If you like the work…. book the photographer. If you don’t like the photo styles…. move on.

Modern black and white demonstration one of the different photo styles used by excitations Mildura.

While we’re talking about photo styles. This image of Sebastian and Sam, taken last year on the eve of their graduation ball.  I’ve been meaning to post this shot  but just never quite got around to it. This was the last shot from their shared  portrait session. We made a lot of images around the GT, but to finish up, decided to go for a totally casual image. Shot very much in a style that I used heavily way back in the 70’s. Very gritty, lots of film like grain and contrast. Not one of the photo styles we use much now but still good to dip into the old bag of tricks now and then.

Speaking of old photo styles, there is a version of this style that I have carried around in my head for years. Just never got around to doing it. The shot involves a bare but covered top half of a lean blonde woman. If this is you, give Robyn a call 5025 3368 during office hours and we’ll do you a deal on a shoot that you won’t believe.


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