The one thing I hate about Autumn!

Yep Autumn is  without doubt my favorite time of the year. Not just because of the Autumn leaves either. Love the calm serenity of the warm clear days. Totally love the cool nights and fresh mornings. I’ve always thought that people tend to be more chilled out in Autumn as well. Never quite got around to working out if that’s because of the great weather we get in Autumn. Warm, mostly still days. As opposed to Spring where we tend to get lots of wind and stuff.

I know animals, certainly, excitations two studio horses, are far more relaxed in Autumn. I put that down to the lack of wind. Wendy and Toffee, our two equine, child distractions, absolutely hate windy days. Letting  us  know of there displeasure very quickly on any day when the wind picks up.

So, what do I hate about Autumn? Well it’s the best time ever to shoot outdoor portraits here in Mildura. Great time to photograph families in the outdoors. Kids, just love to play around in Autumn leaves… so it’s also a great time for outdoor children’s portraiture. But, and it is a big but. Autumn is also the time of year where we traditionally photograph less families and kids outdoors than any other time of year. Don’t know why. It’s the same most every year. Fabulous weather, great outdoor locations and nobody seems to want to take advantage of it.

Hey I’m not saying that we don’t get kids and families to photograph this time of year. Just that over the 30 odd years I’ve been photographing children and families, I’ve noticed the trend is for lower numbers of kids and families outdoor photo session during the best photography months of the year. That’s what I hate the most about Autumn. Opportunities missed. Photos I didn’t get to take.

Young girl playing in Autumn leaves. Back turned to the camera but you don't need to see her face, because you just know she is having fun. Child portraits by excitations Mildura.Totally not a normal portrait of a child playing with Autumn leaves. However it is one that I love. We don’t need to see Alessandra’s face in this shot to know that she has the biggest smile on her face. Probably because we remember running around in fallen leaves and having a great time as kids ourselves. Hell, I’d still do it now if I thought no one was watching. Ahh, I can remember it now. Holidays in southern parts, cool evenings, the smell of freshly fallen leaves and of course that other smell that kids of today may not be familiar with. Burning leaves…. Remember that. Every town you visited during the evening on an Autumn day had someone burning leaves. The smoke just drifted around all over town. Loved it.

I’ll try and get a couple more pics up from this shoot, later but for now that’s it. You know the drill to much to do, to little time to do it.

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