Price comparison

We, like most photographers I suspect are often told we are so expensive. Well when I started in photography and worked for a budget studio. The standard price for a 5 x 7 inch print in folder was equal to in cost to taking you average family car to the service station and filling up four (4) times. Or in other words a 5×7 cost four times as much as a tank of fuel. Today, you can buy four 5 x 7’s for the cost of a tank of fuel for that same car!

Our top of the range album back then cost a whopping $954 which just happened to be the same price as a Hassleblad medium format camera. The number one choice of professional   quality cameras.  Used only by the very best photographers or one aspiring to be. Today, Hassleblad medium format digital cameras are right up there still, but now you will pay between $40,00 and $60,00 to own one of the high resolution models.. We still supply an album similar to the original. Except today it has more photos and is better constructed. The price for that album is $1800. Even today’s top of the range album with everything at around $8000 is way short of $40-$60k

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